Our offering to the Nosara community

We offer short and long-term bilingual (English/Spanish) holistic educational programs led by trained and experienced teachers to cultivate children's sense of wonder and reverence for all living things.

We have prepared a nurturing and beautiful learning environment with high-quality educational materials to awaken children's spontaneous interest and enthusiasm in learning.

A circular structure (Mongolian yurt), a native american tipi, a geodesic dome, and an ample outdoor area are dedicated to serving a small group of children between the ages of 2 and 6 years old in a mixed-age classroom.

Each week, a curriculum of activities allows experimentation and learning through play-based/nature-oriented explorations and artistic creations.

Through hands-on practice, the children learn permaculture principles and biodynamic gardening:

  • How to tend to a garden and fruit trees.

  • How to grow organic food and medicinal herbs.

  • How to compost organic matter.

They bake with a solar oven and see the waste from their snacks turn into biogas and fertilizer. They learn deep materiality that will inspire them to use, reuse, recycle, and cultivate habits to advance toward Zero waste.

Nosara is a multicultural community with a spectacular natural environment. Our land is located between the lush jungle and the ocean, close to the river and the mountains. It is a short 10 minutes drive from Guiones beach and Playa de Ostional.

We love the nomadic lifestyle that is so common in our area; that's why we have weekly offerings integrated with our more long-term, seasonal programs. Your child can start any time during the season. The minimum commitment is one week/three full-time days or ten classes package (10 x 75 min afternoon sessions). We offer the option of three or four full-time days.

Dandelion Wildschooling is the culmination of many alternative pedagogical approaches: we are equally inspired by Waldorf, Forest, Reggio-Emilia, and Montessori educational philosophies. Dandelion Wildschooling draws on the best aspects of each educational paradigm and the teachers' unique gifts, talents, and offerings.

Our new holistic program starts on NOVEMBER 21, 2022. For the next three months, children will explore creative movement and circus arts.

With full-time and part-time options, our children will have plenty of opportunities to express themselves, develop creative thinking and imagination, and learn valuable interpersonal skills while experiencing sustainable living practices, co-creating, exercising, and having a lot of fun.

Our philosophy and our values

We deeply long to share life's beautiful, meaningful and essential things. We love life; we love the earth and all its earthlings. We love being alive in this precious moment.

We are committed to having a flexible and organic relationship with the planet, its changing needs, and its dynamic -continually evolving- biological and cultural diversity that we both want to honor and preserve.

We love humanity, and we love its interconnectedness with all living things. We believe in the power of human connection and the fundamental need to cultivate a deep bond with the natural world.

We know that a safe, nonjudgemental, nurturing learning environment with caring adults -guides and mentors- nourishes the senses and is vital for blossoming joyful, creative play and imagination.

Our children's sense of safety, freedom, and full self-expression is essential.

We respect each child's learning pace, interests, and curiosity. We take into consideration that each child, in their different stages, has distinct needs and strengths they use to relate to the world.

We choose education as a powerful tool for connecting the colorful souls of the world and nurturing their creative potential.

We take a holistic approach to education and believe that the right education is free of ideology and conditioning.

We gift our loving presence and communicate with compassion.

We teach skills and avoid interfering in the child's learning process. We trust the intelligence of the child. We learn from and with the child.

We believe that when we are embodied and deeply rooted in nature, we are more receptive to the fascinating secrets that the Great Mother earth offers.

Dandelion Wildschooling team

Lili Beeson

I am the Founder, Education Program Manager, and Pedagogical Coordinator of Dandelion Wildschooling.


I have always dreamed of creating an alternative school or, more precisely, an alternative to school. I was born in Brazil, a country that I love for its culture and its nature: it's lush, it's vibrant, it's colorful. When I was 7, my family moved to Belgium. Access to better education was the reason for this radical change of culture, natural world, and society. I grieved the family left behind, the sun, the tropical fruits, the waterfalls, the musicality...This transition felt like a huge sacrifice, but I embraced and loved the European culture. There I learned three more languages (French, English, and Dutch), and earned a Master's degree in International Relations.

Education is essential to developing our capacities. I am forever grateful for the priority my parents put on education. Thanks to them, I started early to contemplate what "true and right education" is. Krishnamurti's philosophy of education and all the alternative pedagogies I learned about those past two decades have been great inspirations.

My former career as a humanitarian photographer and documentary filmmaker working for the United Nations and international organizations in DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Latin American countries strengthened the belief that access to education is crucial for creating a better world. With the mainstream school/university curriculum, though, I had to spend a lot of time unlearning...

My quest for understanding the world, the human condition, and human-nature interconnectedness has always been a spiritual quest. My world meanderings and life between worlds led me to spend the past decade in California. I communed with nature, immersed in a culture that broke my spiritual resistance, empowered me as a woman, and transformed me into a devoted wife and fulfilled mother. California inspired me to "rewild" myself and the world around me. Nosara is my new home. I find all the most beautiful things I love in the world, and I am here to share the gifts from my travels and life experiences.

Dandelion Wildschooling is an expression of a life journey filled with immense love for the world and many synchronicities. I follow my bliss, and this is where it leads me...

Dandelion Wildschooling is an evolving co-creation and a shared dream rather than a school.

My vision is to co-create a holistic, supportive environment where parents can drop their children off any time of the day, including some evenings and weekends. There will always be caring and qualified adults (trained in Waldorf, Reggio-Emilia, Forest, Montessori...& inspiring specialists in different fields) to guide, mentor, witness, and hold space for our children so they can play freely, learn skills, make friends, explore nature, take supported risks, and co-create beauty.

This will also be a space for parents and future parents to gather and learn together to be better parents.

Júlia Giesbrecht

Lead Teacher

Julia grew up with contemporary dance and circus arts. She is a movement practitioner certified as a Hatha Vinyasa yoga teacher with Camila Reitz and Yoga Soul Monkeys; she is also certified as an AcroYoga International Certified Teacher Level 2.

In 2016, Julia graduated in Design at the University of Brasilia and received a government grant to study at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

There she discovered Dragon Dreaming, a Permaculture and indigenous-based methodology for creating collaborative projects that align with our planet's necessities.

"I am Brazilian, born in Manaus and raised in the capital - Brasília. My parents moved to this town to provide me with the best educational opportunities, and I am deeply thankful. While at University, I got involved in various social projects that changed my perspective on life. I was a mediator in Australia for three Dragon Dreaming groups for two years, helping them manifest social and environmental projects.

I started dance classes at a very young age and circus classes at 18. For some years, I practiced aerial silk, trapeze, and Lyra. Later on, I discovered that I had a particular passion for the more earthy elements of the practice: acrobatic duos and juggling. I started working as a hula hoop artist at events, circus conventions, and festivals. And the acrobatic and dance research took me into a more academic path. That's how I got into AcroYoga. And there I found my dharma. I took more than fifteen intensives with different schools and was certified as a level 1 and 2 AcroYoga International teacher with Jason Nemer.

Slowly, art guided me into spirituality. I started practicing Yoga around 20 years old and always had my intuitive magic rituals - it is part of the Brazilian culture. But it was only after becoming an AcroYoga teacher and observing the interaction between big groups that I understood my power to hold space for systematic group learning and healing. So I went on and took two Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Nowadays, I like to say that my service as a movement teacher is mainly focused on providing opportunities for human and nature connection. I love to guide big groups, kids, and families. Having a variety of nationalities, ages, and genders all mixed in the same playground is an excellent key to reminding us of the fantastic human superpowers that lie in our similarities and differences - and, therefore, the power of collaboration. I believe art and creativity create a vibrant space for developing spirituality and evolving self-conscience regarding our relationship patterns with others and nature. I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese."

Maureen Tursi

Early Waldorf curriculum contributor and seasonal teacher at Dandelion Wildschooling.

I am a certified preschool and elementary Waldorf teacher from the Perito Moreno Waldorf and Anthroposophy teacher training school (Argentina).

I worked as a Waldorf teacher in Argentina and Brazil. I also participated in the creation of tutorials for the Anthroposophy teacher training program in Brazil. Anthroposophy gave me the tools to find answers to many of my existential questions and gain self-knowledge—a form of knowledge that deepened my connection to the world.

Flaminia Calabrisi

Sustainable landscaping designer artist

"It all started with my passion for nature and thus a desire to dedicate my life to being in contact with it. After many years studying gardening, sustainability, ecology, permaculture, biodynamic agriculture, natural pools, ponds design...I realized that it was also about wanting to help others to connect and live in harmony with our environment.

Dandelion Wildschooling project inspires me with those goals. We are landscaping with harmony and we are focusing on the needs of the children. Landscaping with the environment and dancing with the little ones, playing and learning with nature, and the respect that Pachamama deserves."

Rythm of our week

At Dandelion Wildschooling, we craft our holistic educational programs around the seasons. We observe the natural forces present throughout the different months of the year.

Art is the channel we use to reach the hearts and minds of children. Aesthetics harmonizes our environments and the various aspects of life.

Music and creative movement, storytelling, artistic creation, and nature explorations are daily rituals at Dandelion Wildschooling.

Rythm of our day

The mornings start with a circle: children sing and dance, celebrating life. Honoring the miracle of this existence through music and movement is a sacred act.

It is typically followed by nature walks and explorations, a healthy morning break snack prepared by the children, and creative play. Transition songs rhythm the day and introduce each activity.

The afternoon program includes storytelling, sound journeys, and exploration of creative movement and kids' circus arts.

Dandelion Wildschooling aligns with the children's rhythms and with nature's cycles. There is a structure, but there is no rigidity.

Other activities include painting, drawing with beeswax, modeling with clay, weaving, felting, cooking and baking, gardening, music, drama, movement, and meditation.

To enroll now, send an email to info@dandelionwildschooling.org

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